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Utah’s Evangelicals honor “America’s Pastor” Billy Graham

MURRAY – The Evangelical community in Utah is looking back fondly on the life of a man who they say inspired millions of people all over the world.  Billy Graham, the man known as “America’s Pastor” is dead at the age of 99.

Some of the leaders of the Calvary Chapel in Murray can’t point to one specific speech from Billy Graham that they loved best.  Associate Pastor Jim Harris says he pretty much loved them all.  He believes the beauty in Graham’s message was in its simplicity.   “The message is a simple message.  It’s ‘Jesus loves you.  There is a God that loves you,’ and ‘You can come to him,’” Harris says.

Harris says his congregation will deeply miss Graham, as will millions of other Evangelicals around the world.  Harris says, “He was a man that was able to speak to the average person in the pew.  He could sit down and talk to you for hours.”

Standing Together Ministries Reverend Greg Johnson says Graham had an unsurpassed legacy of influence. “He is a man that spoke, live, to more people on planet Earth than any human ever will in public meetings because of his 60-year career ministry of crusades,” adding, “He has personally interacted with every president of the United States, from President Harry Truman right up to President Trump.”

Johnson says he had the chance to closely watch Graham preparing some of his sermons many years ago in Anaheim.  He used to enjoy watching the prayerful way Graham did it.  He’ll have the chance to greet Graham’s son, Franklin, as he attends a consortium of the Beehive State’s Evangelical churches.

(Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Neil Redmond 2010)