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On-again, off-again snow expected for the next few days

WASATCH FRONT – Weather watchers say northern Utah is stuck in a pattern of unstable activity. The snowfall won’t be so bad during Monday’s commute, but, meteorologists expect more powder as we approach Tuesday.

Even after the snow tapers off Friday night, black ice becomes more of a possibility because of falling temperatures.  However, National Weather Service Forecaster Glen Merrill says UDOT crews have done a lot to get the roads prepared.  He says, “They’re going to get cold tonight.  They’re in the teens, but, a lot of the ice hazard will be mitigated.”

After Friday, Merrill says more powder is expected for Saturday night, into Sunday morning.  That could dump one to four inches of snow on the Salt lake Valley, especially over the benches.  After that, more snow is expected as we get closer to Tuesday.  “We know there are going to be storms around in the west, it’s just that the variability is enough that we’re not sure if we’ll have more of a break between events, or if it’s going to be more consistent,” Merrill says.