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Organizers say they held perhaps the largest gun class ever in Utah

Saturday in a warehouse in Sandy, the Utah Gun Exchange held a free concealed carry class for teachers, educators, and any student over age 18.

They say it was packed; perhaps with 1,000 people.

No media was allowed inside to respect the attendees’ privacy, but online posts from the organizers and some of the around 80 volunteer staff give some insight into what happened.

They say they taught firearm safety, handling, laws and tactical skills.

“When you leave here today, you will have received the necessary training to apply for your concealed carry permit. This permit will allow you to carry a firearm concealed on your person in all Utah state educational facilities,” explained a video shown at the event and posted on their Facebook page.

The video also contained a message from the father of one of the Parkland, Florida shooting victims, where he said, “Utah teachers, you are doing the responsible thing. Once you provide the deterrent, then the criminals won’t come anymore and kill our kids.”