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Pine View Teen Facing Possible Weapons of Mass Destruction Charge

WASHINGTON COUNTY — The Utah Court system released the booking charges for a teenager accused of bringing an explosive device to his high school on Monday and attempting to set it off.


The boy was booked for suspected possession of a weapon of mass destruction, threats of terrorism, graffiti and abuse of a flag.

“These charges reflect the facts as police understand them to be at this point,” said Brock Belnap, with the Washington County District Attorney’s office.

Belnap said they will wait for more details in the investigation before filing official court charges against the teen. At the latest he expects those charges will be filed by March 21st.

“The judge gave us that as a deadline,” Belnap said.

In a prepared statement yesterday, police said they believe the student is a supporter of ISIS and had tried to explode a device at the school on Monday. He is also accused of spray-painting graffiti on a Hurricane High School wall back in February that said, “Isis is comi–“.