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UDOT: Daylight Saving shift always catches drivers off-guard

WASATCH FRONT – A warning from UDOT.  Officials are reminding drivers that things are going to look very different than they might be used to Monday morning because of the Daylight Saving time shift.

The shift is no surprise but, officials with UDOT say there seems to be more crashes during the first few days of it every year.  Spokesman John Gleason says, “There are going to be more tired people on the roads driving to work and walking to school.”  All this, simply because of one hour of missed sleep.  He adds, “An hour of lost sleep doesn’t sound like much, but, it really can take a week or more, in some cases, for our bodies to adjust to that.”

Gleason is asking drivers to get their bodies ready for the time change now.  They recommend people go to bed about 20 minutes earlier every night this weekend.  “You’re not shocking your body by an hour of difference,” he says.  Plus, Gleason asks, “If you can, this weekend, do something to tire yourself out.  [Do] high energy activities that will make it easier to go to bed a little bit earlier than normal.”