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Investigators accuse West Jordan man of stealing mail from hundreds

WEST JORDAN – Hundreds of people all over the Salt Lake Valley may have been ripped off by one West Jordan man accused of stealing mail for months.  Investigators say they’re just now scratching the surface of his mail theft, overall.

The investigation started after an officer got a tip from someone saying Landen Warr may have left stolen mail at their home.  When police recovered what he reportedly took, it covered the floor space and the table space of one of their small conference rooms.  “Just imagine that you have hundreds of victims with hundreds of pieces of mail that we’re trying to organize,” according to Sergeant J.C. Holt.

(Photo Credit: West Jordan Police… showing the mail that was seized in just one case)

Warr was arrested Thursday night and booked for using someone else’s credit card.  Investigators believe Warr got the card by using the information stolen from one of his victim’s mail.  More charges will likely be coming.

Holt says Warr had victims in West Jordan, Herriman and Salt Lake, just to name a few cities.  “It tell us that we’re dealing with an individual that has a repeated pattern of behavior…that he’s out there doing this regularly. We’re just hopeful that now he’s in jail, he can stay there for a little while,” Holt says.

Investigators still have a lot of work to do to see how far Warr’s reported crime spree reached.  They don’t know just how much personal information he took.  He adds, “A lot of the documents that we found are W2 documents, or tax documents. There is a lot of personal information on your tax documents.”

“We also believe he was doing this in the middle of the night, primarily,” which Holt says highlights the importance of collecting your mail every day.

(Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)