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Clearfield Mobile Home Parks residents will have to move… eventually

CLEARFIELD – The city of Clearfield has some big aspirations to redevelop a section of land they’ve purchased on State Street.  But, this comes as a big surprise to residents of a mobile home park, who will eventually have to leave.

City officials say they haven’t officially purchased the Clearfield Mobile Home Park, but they’re under contract to do so.  They say it sits on 15 acres of land in the heart of the city, and they would like to revitalize the area, even though there are no specific plans on what to do with it, yet.

Some park residents tell KSL the city never indicated to them before they were going to close the park.  John J. Mallory has lived there for three years, and he says, “When I came here, it had a bad reputation.  I feel safe here, and I don’t feel safe in a lot of places.”

Mallory says finding a space to rent in the park has been a blessing, and he feels finding another place to live is just another mountain to climb.  He adds, “Well, I don’t know where I’m going to go.  Trailer parks have always been considered ‘low-income housing,’ and I live on a limited budget, just like everybody else in here.”

The city doesn’t know when any decision will be made, but, current residents would continue to pay their regular rents until they move.  Communications Coordinator Trevor Cahoon says, “We are going to be engaging with those residents on a regular basis.  So, whenever we find new information or when a decision is made, we’re going to go straight to those residents and have that conversation.”

During city council meetings, an advocate will be there to look out for the best interests of the residents.  Cahoon says they’ll also provide financial assistance to the people moving out.  “If they have extra hardships, or different things they need, we can address those, as a city,” he adds.