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Salt Lake Police look for man accused of flashing gun over political lawn signs

Salt Lake City Police are trying to find the person they say was seen stealing political signs in the Avenues, then reportedly got violent when he was confronted about it.

The suspect was seen taking signs in favor of things like Planned Parenthood and The Bears Ears National Monument along F Street Sunday afternoon.  Detective Robert Ungricht says one man went out to confront the suspect about it, and, “At that time, the suspect pulled out a gun, pointed it at our victim, then laughed,” Ungricht says.

The suspect is described as an Asian adult man, wearing a blue jacket and blue pants.  Ungricht says they need to get the other side of this story, but, if the suspect brandished a gun, it could lead to aggravated assault charges.

(Photo Credit: Salt Lake City Police)

Plus, he says it’s always best not to confront someone who is potentially committing a crime.  He says, “It’s not a good idea to take the law into your own hands.  In this particular case, we believe the victim in the case did confront the suspect.  This is probably what led up to the incident.”