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One Man In Critical Condition After 200 Foot Fall in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Crews working to save the man in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

SANDY — Search and Rescue crews hoisted a man out of a tricky spot near Lisa Falls today, after Unified Police say the man fell up to 200 feet.

Rescue Crews headed into the canyon to hoist the injured man out of the rocks.

“It’s a difficult rescue because paramedics are up there saying he could lose his life just because they move him,” Hansen said.

Because of the rough terrain police sent in a Department of Public Safety helicopter in to hoist the man from the rocks and set him down on the canyon road. From there a medical helicopter was able to transport the man to a nearby hospital. Hansen said they closed the Little Cottonwood Canyon between 5:15 and 6:20 PM this afternoon so the helicopters could land.

Rescuers hoisted the injured man up with a DPS helicopter.

Unified Police said this section of the canyon sees several rescues every year, and often at least one fatality.

“Lisa Falls is one where people tend to fall more than any other place,” Hansen said. “It’s an intermediate to advanced hike because there is a lot of rock climbing. It’s steep up there so when you fall you fall a long way.”

He urged hikers to use extreme caution this time of year, when slick rocks and muddy trails can be particularly dangerous. Hansen also praised the foresight of the hikers, saying it’s crucial to have a cell phone and a plan just in case something happens.

“The most important part was that he had a friend there so they were able to call 911 right away,” Hansen said. “In a fall like that there is a good chance you have broken bones or a head concussion so time is absolutely critical in getting him out of here.”