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Woods Cross mayor promises help for homeowners in sewage flood

WOODS CROSS – Good news and bad news from a Woods Cross city council meeting, where residents demanded reimbursement for the city’s water main break that ruined their homes.

Residents were threatening to sue.

“You guys have no liability for the city itself, other than the fact that the insurance company says no?” Mayor Rick Earnshaw asked city councilmembers.

They say Woods Cross was not liable for a water main break that sent sewage rushing into 24 homes in February.

But Earnshaw told those leaders that the city is morally responsible.

“You still haven’t established a budget to pay these people for the damage, when the water pipe break was on city property?” he asked the council.

Woods Cross will dip into city coffers to pay for the balance of repairs after home insurers make payouts.

Homeowners estimate damage between $5,000 and $50,000 each.

“They’re going to work with us and help us,” said resident Greg Steed. “That’s all I’d hoped for.”

Resident Rhett Cleverly had optimism mixed with angst that Woods Cross will help him.