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Family of Scout With Autism Drops Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts of America

Logan Blythe with this father. Picture: KSL TV

PAYSON — The Blythe family filed the lawsuit last month. They claim their 15 year old son, Logan, wasn’t accepted into the Alternative Eagle Scout Program because he has Down syndrome and autism. The family was shocked by the answer.

“I cannot support an organization that does not support my son … or support anyone who doesn’t support those with mental disabilities, it’s wrong,” Chad Blythe told KSL at the time.



Ted McBride, attorney with Vial Fotheringham LLP, representing the Blythe family, said he knew the best move was to make their struggle public so they could find a resolution for Logan and other boys like him.

“The national commissioner reached out to us shortly after the media frenzy,” McBride said. “Actually when I filed the lawsuit I anticipated that someone from the Boy Scouts would reach out to me. I never even served the summons or complaint.”

He said they met with the organization and explained their concerns. Today McBride announced the Boy Scouts of America has apologized and is now letting Logan work for that Eagle Scout award.

“During our conversations, we were relieved to find out that Logan’s merit badges are still recognized and that the organization will take steps to make sure that this type of misunderstanding does not happen again,” Mcbride said. “I think that Logan’s taking a stand here has actually improved the Boy Scouts Organization.”

He added that the family has decided to drop the lawsuit and is pleased with the end result.

“Pleased that they got a response. Pleased that it’s getting taken care of,” Mcbride said. “Hopefully it will have some effect on Logan’s attitude toward the Boy Scouts and the hurt that he felt.”