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Spanish Fork Man Dies After Easter Barbecue Fire

Picture credit: Webster Family

SPANISH FORK — It was Easter and the whole family was gathered at Grandpa’s house.

“Every Easter the family all convenes here,” said Kim Miller. “We have the barbecue and then an Easter egg hunt.”




73 year old Larry Webster was out back grilling the hamburgers. Miller was inside with most of the family when she said her sister noticed a large flame coming from the grill.

“I turned around and I seen him on fire,” she said. “I ran out. We got him down on the grass and got a blanket. The thing I want to stress is this happened in two minutes.”

Miller said the fire department responded immediately and flew Webster to the University Hospital Burn Unit. He was still conscious and talking after the fire, but over the next few days Miller said she watched her father’s health fail.

“It was a just a freak flair of the flames and it got his shirt,” Miller said. “Just that fast. He went from a healthy man to critical to dying yesterday.”

Now the family is begging others to be extra careful around open flame, hoping they’ll avoid the heartache Miller’s family is suffering now.

“Whether it’s barbecue or open pit fire- just be so careful. It can happen just that fast. It is life changing, not only for them, but for their family,” she said.

They’re holding a viewing for Webster Sunday night at the Walker Mortuary in Spanish Fork. The funeral will be the next morning at their local church.

If you’d like to help the family with expenses, they’ve provided a link to their Gofundme account.