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Mayochup? You mean Fry Sauce

SALT LAKE CITY — Heinz is touting a product where they mixed their ketchup and mayonnaise together in a bottle…and the internet is letting them know, that’s really fry sauce.

Heinz calls it Mayochup. They released it in the Middle East, and are considering bringing it to the U-S.

People came alive on social media and comment boards, saying you can’t fight 60 plus years of history.

According to reports, Fry Sauce was invented in Utah by the founder of Arctic Circle in the 1940s or 1950s. The restaurant chain upholds that claim.

But Argentina and Chile have their own versions they call salsa golf or golf sauce.

For a little more history (and numbers of how many gallons we go through in Utah) check out this article from 2007.

But maybe Heinz is trying too hard with “Mayochup.”

“If you go into an Arctic Circle store, or if you go into one of our competitors, and you ask for fry sauce, you get fry sauce,” said Arctic Circle Vice President Joe Evans.

“It’s not branded as something else.”

Evans says, as far as competition goes for mixtures of mayonnaise, ketchup and special ingredient dipping sauces: bring it.

“If others have it, great, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Evans said. “Hopefully, (customers) like our version of fry sauce, and they come back to us.

Contributing: Peter Samore