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Family of woman who vanished in Provo pleads for information

PROVO – It’s a somber anniversary for the family of a missing Provo woman.  She disappeared three years ago, and her loved ones say the police still have extremely little to work with.

Friends and family members of Elizabeth Laguna Salgado say they’re extremely grateful for the work that volunteers have done to search for her.  But, it’s been three years, and her uncle, Rosemberg Salgado says they still have no leads.

(Photo Credit: Provo Police)

This has led to the declining health of her parents.

“We feel a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress, a lot of desperation and a lot of frustration,” Salgado says.

Elizabeth was last seen leaving the Nomen Global Language Center in 2015, just weeks after she had moved to Provo.  Since the disappearance, they’ve been getting a lot of tips, but nothing that could be considered a solid lead.  Salgado has one message he wants to say to the nearby Latino community.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to the Provo Police Department.  The Provo Police Department is concerned about finding Elizabeth Elena.  They’re not concerned about your legal status.”

Meanwhile, Provo investigators have assigned the case to a new detective to put a fresh pair of eyes on the evidence.

Provo Police Lieutenant Nisha King says, “We’ve followed all of her social media and we’ve reviewed her cell phone as well.”

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