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Utah students walkout on Friday

Some groups of students walked out of their high schools in Utah on Friday morning.

Chopper 5 seemed to catch view of a hundred or so students on the baseball field at Skyline High School But at Olympus High School, it was a much smaller group.

Organizers say the purpose was to remember the victims of the deadly shooting at Columbine High School 19 years ago, and to demand change.

“We are all fighting for gun control and for our right to feel safe at school,” said Gracie Shirley, a student at Highland High School.

“We want it to be more action based, rather than calling attention to ourselves,” said Riley Arnold, a senior at Skyline High School.

The walkout started at 10 am, followed by a rally at the State Capitol at 1:30. That rally included a panel discussion with state lawmakers and an opportunity for those old enough to register to vote.

School districts say students not in class were marked with an un-excused absence without a parent note.

The story Friday morning:

The story Friday afternoon:

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