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3 Ways You Can Better Protect Your Smartphone

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Right now you are holding more technology in your hands than the Apollo rockets had. The amount of things you can do with your phone is incredible, and for many, it has become a central point of their lives. People access their banks, their home security systems, and many other highly sensitive types of information all on their phones. But how do you protect your phone when so much sensitive information is on it? Here are 3 Ways You Can Better Protect Your Smartphone.

1. Consider Changing Your Passcode

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0000 is not only too short for what many phones require these days but would be too easy for someone to break into your phone. And 1234 isn’t much better. Consider a combination of something that is easy for you to remember. If you want your phone to be that much more secure, you can also change the passcode on your phone to an alphanumeric passcode where you can use both letters and numbers just like you would for signing into a computer or your email.

2. Use Face ID/Touch Recognition

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If you have not set these amazing features up on your phone, you are missing out. It’s one thing to have a complicated passcode, but that can take several moments to input before you can get into your phone. Using Face ID and Touch Recognition are great because it minimizes the time you’ll spend trying to access your phone but also works to keep others out. Fingerprints are like snowflakes after all, and only you have your face.

3. Two Factor Authentication

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This one is a bit more complex since it can require more than one device. Two Factor Authentication can be specific to just a single app or website like Facebook for example. It can help oversee a collection of one companies apps like Google’s 2- Step Verification. Or in the case of iOS devices can even be authorized from another Apple Product. The concept behind it is that you log in to your account, whatever it may be. You have to submit your password correctly. Then, your phone will send a second alert, a code, or an email to give you the appropriate information to complete the second layer of security. Sound like a lot of work? Some users may feel that way. But this does, in fact, offer a second layer of security that will protect your device more if someone is trying to enter a secure portion of your phone.

You Can Protect Yourself

By being a little responsible and making it so just anybody can access your information, your bank accounts or your XFINITY Home account, you’ll be able to protect yourself and even the people around you from ending up in a bad position because your private information was stolen. Prevent information theft before it happens by securing your phone.