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‘A true friend’: Salt Lake County Councilman Sam Granato dies at 67

SALT LAKE CITY – Tributes are pouring in for a Salt Lake County Councilman who was also famous for his sandwiches.

District Attorney Sim Gill often dined at the Granato Italian delis, which Councilman Sam Granato owned.

“He’d be like, ‘Hey, can I get you something else to eat? Let me put these plates away,’” Gill recalled. “And we’re trying to discuss politics and public policy.”

People from all walks of life and political stripes praised Granato as principled, yet even-keeled and a bridge-builder as a County Councilman.

Gill says Granato just wanted to serve.

“He did it through his business. He did it through his political presence. He did it through his friendships,” Gill said. “It was really about trying to figure out what we need to do to solve the issues in our community.”

Granato died at age 67 after a two-year battle with a sarcoma.