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Speed Sting Operation Stops 267 Drivers in Orem and Provo

OREM — Extra troopers took to the road today to help cut down the number of speeding vehicles along a section of University Avenue that sees far too many speeding crashes.


High Patrol Lt. Todd Royce says they help monitor hot spots like that with the help of the Utah Department of Transportation and Highway Safety.

“We find these hot spots where these incidents are occurring, and that’s where we focus our enforcement efforts.”

Today Utah Highway Patrol assigned the regular five troopers along University Avenue between Provo Center Street and 1600 North, but they also added another 13 to the shift from eight A.M. to one P.M. They stopped 267 vehicles, of which 231 were for speeding related issues.

“Either they got a warning or a citation for the speeding,” Royce said.

Royce said he hoped all of them left with a strong reminder to keep to the speed limit.

“We have yet to see in this area, but in the past when we’ve done these hot spot enforcements we definitely see a difference in the crash reduction and the severity of crash reduction in that area,” Royce said. “It’s a proven technique. We’ve seen it in the past. The more people see troopers out on there on the roadway the more conscious they are about slowing down and doing the right thing.”