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WVC: kids find remains in canal

The canal where the remains were found passes under I-215 and feeds Decker Lake. (Photo credit: Derek Petersen, KSL 5 TV)

WEST VALLEY CITY — Police are investigating the discovery of human remains in a canal that feeds into Decker Lake after children playing in the area reported spotting what appeared to be a shoe with a bone sticking out of it.

The West Valley City Police Department says a woman called them on April 22 to report her children had been playing in the area near 2700 South 2500 West and had actually spotted the remains a week before, but had only just told her. When officers responded, the remains appeared to be caught up in a debris pile in the canal near where the aqueduct passes under I-215 to feed into Decker Lake.

The Utah State Dive Team responded on April 23, recovering what appeared to be a man’s body. The remains are now with the Utah Medical Examiners’ Office, which is working to determine a DNA match as well as potential height and age range.

A cadaver dog team responded on the 25th but was unable to find any other remains.