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Korean War vets reflect on peace deal between North and South Korea

SALT LAKE CITY – After decades of standoff, North and South Korea have come to an historic peace deal.  This is a major piece of history for Utah veterans who fought in the Korean War.

The Korean War is often referred to as “The Forgotten War,” but, today, some of them say they’re seeing some of the fruits of their labor.

“I hope that what we had done over there made some difference and maybe put the two of them together, “says Korean War veteran Ron Bell.

Since the conflict has ended, Bell says he’s been able to see portions of South Korea that had been ravaged by war turn into prosperous areas.  However, if the peace were to last, perhaps North Korea would start to improve, as well.

Will the peace last?  Bell says he has his fingers crossed, but, he has trouble believing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Bell was one of the veterans who were personally thanked by the South Korean Ambassador when he visited to show his gratitude for the soldiers who kept his country safe from takeover.

“I thought it was quite an honor.  We didn’t really want to be over there, but we had to be.  I think it was pretty decent of him to thank us,” Bell says.

Former Utah Department of Veterans Affairs Director Terry Schow was also present at that ceremony.

“I was touched by [the ambassador’s] remarks and I know it meant a great deal to the Korean War veterans,” according to Schow.

Schow says any time two sides can come together and promise to end a conflict, it’s always a good thing.  He believes it’s especially good for veterans to see that their efforts weren’t in vain.

“I think some of them had felt they had been forgotten,” Schow says.

(Photo Credit: AP)