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Despite loss, Jazz fans happy they made trip to Houston to support team

HOUSTON — The Utah Jazz are chasing the Houston Rockets after losing Game 1 of their Western Conference semifinal series, but some faithful Jazz fans are happy they made the trip to Houston to support their team.

Elsa Serrano recently moved to Houston from Salt Lake City.  Serrano says she still loves the Jazz though, and when she learned her team would be playing the Rockets in the playoffs, she gave her husband an ultimatum.

“I told him, ‘Tell your boss that you need to get tomorrow (off work) because we’re going to go see the Jazz. If not, I’m going to go by myself,” Serrano said.

Her husband, Jose, says he knew she was serious.

“My wife was going to come over without me if I didn’t come, but I wanted to come.  It’s an opportunity to see out team,” Jose Serrano said.

Josh Williams has never lived in Utah, but he’s a big fan of Donovan Mitchell. And because he’s from Dallas, Williams says he’s always happy to cheer against Houston.

“I guess I’m more anti-Houston.  If that means I’m pro-Jazz, then I’m pro-Jazz,” he said.

Drew Lewis said he made the trip from Utah to Houston to support family members who play for the Jazz, and he’s hoping Ricky Rubio makes a quick return from injury.

‘Disrespectful’ fans?

So what do people in Houston think about Jazz fans?  Do they believe Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, who last week alleged Utah fans say vulgar and inappropriate things to opposing players?

Some Rockets fans says they’re more than ready to believe those claims, even though they’ve never witnessed it firsthand.

“Utah Jazz fans are horribly disrespectful,” one man said. ” I’ve heard plenty of stories.”

Others are taking Westbrook’s comments with a grain of salt.