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Woods Cross student draws nationwide criticism for wearing Chinese-style dress to prom

Photo: Keziah Daum, via Twitter

WOODS CROSS – It all started with a Tweet.

“I had originally just posted this photo the day after prom,” says Woods Cross High School senior Keziah Daum. The photo she posted was of her wearing a Cheongsam – a traditional-style, one-piece dress with a high collar.

The internet erupted in outrage.

Daum says, “I guess some might have taken it the wrong way, and called out cultural appropriation.”

Leading the charge against Daum was a fellow Twitter user, Jeremy Lam, who Tweeted back at her, “My culture is NOT your (blank) (blank) prom dress.”

Daum didn’t mean to offend anyone, and says, “My whole intent was to show my appreciation and love for the culture.”

Daum did receive plenty of supportive comments, and says she would wear the dress again if given the chance.