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Primary Children’s Give-A-Thon Spotlight: Wren Ahrens

Wren Ahrens- 4 years old

Wren was diagnosed in-utero with a congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM or CPAM). This is a type of mass that grows with the fetus. She underwent surgery at 5 months old to remove the middle and lower lobes of her right lung. Failure to thrive at 10 months old resulted in placement of a G-tube, which Wren still has today. Because of these early challenges Wren has pectus excavatum, or incorrect sternum development, that will need corrective surgery in the future, viral induced asthma and has a condition that causes her to cross her eyes. Wren comes to Primary Children’s Hospital every 3 months for GI and pulmonary and every 6 months for ophthalmology. Wren loves Dr. Molly O’Gorman and always draws pictures for her and for Dr. Uchida. Wren is on the shy side and she loves the books that are in every room at the hospital.

Wren has had 2 surgeries, a ton of diagnostic testing and radiology imaging and 6 hospitalizations at PCH. Wren was also in the NICU after she was born. Wren is still significantly underweight for her age, so her goals always include weight gain. Wren is on a treatment plan for her asthma and takes medications to help her fight viruses, especially in the winter.

Wren loves imaginative play. She loves to play doctor, restaurant, family and ballerina (that’s her favorite). She loves all things art i.e. coloring, painting, drawing, playdoh, etc. Wren also loves her little brother Hagen

Wren’s mom Gina says, “Wren enjoys going to PCH to see her specialists. Although she is shy with other children, she’s quite outgoing with all Medical Staff. She is, for the most part, a healthy little girl. However, when she gets sick in the winter, she gets sick. For example, by January of this year, she had already missed almost 3 weeks of school due to illness. We feel so fortunate to live so close to such a reputable children’s hospital. As I mentioned on our phone call, we were considering having her lung surgery at a children’s hospital out of state. However, once we met/interviewed with physicians and staff at PCH, we felt confident the team could handle Wren’s case. We couldn’t be happier with the care she’s received and anticipate we’ll be equally as happy with all future care and procedures she may have at PCH.”

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