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Primary Children’s Give-A-Thon Spotlight: Max Hanson

Max Hanson- 3 years old

Max was born with a cleft lip and palate. Max’s cleft lip was repaired by Dr. Siddiqi when he was 3 months old. When Max was 10 months old, Dr. Siddiqi repaired his soft palate and they placed a prosthetic over the gap in his hard palate. In December of 2017, Max was almost 2 years old and was scheduled to have the prosthetic piece replaced. When Dr. Siddiqi removed the prosthetic, he found that the hard palate had closed on its own. It was their Christmas Miracle! Max visits the hospital 2 to 3 times a year and is a big fan of Dr. Siddiqi. He loves the toys and activities waiting for him in the office. Dr. Siddiqi always gives Max a coin at the end of his appointment so he can pick a prize out of the vending machine. Max talks about the coin and the prize months after his appointment is over.

When Max is 6, he will have an alveolar bone graft to repair the cleft in his gum line. Bone will be taken from his hip and put in his gum, so his permanent teeth can grow normally. Max may have a deviated septum that will need to be repaired when he is older. Our long-term goals are for Max to be happy, healthy, strong and for everything to function normally.

Max has a puppy named Gia, he loves to jump in muddy puddles, and misses all the rain puddles in North Carolina (they were living there for grad school). Max loves cars, trains and animals. He is a busy boy and loves to run and play at the playground. However, his favorite activity is to read books with Grandma Lisa and he often says, “Let’s read bookies” and “last more” (A combination of Last One and One More, when he wants just one more of something). Max is a delight.

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