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Woods Cross man charged with child abuse during a game of broom hockey

DAVIS COUNTY- A case of playing too rough in a church gymnasium leads to felony child abuse charges against a Woods Cross man.

It was just a regular game of broom hockey inside a Woods Cross church.  But, police say Ryan Stettler got upset when a 13-year old boy got too physical with Stettler’s son.

“Stettler’s son was checked by this other child. Then Stettler became involved,” according to North Salt Lake Police Sergeant Mitch Gwilliam.

The probable cause statement says Stettler then lowered his shoulder and ran into the 13-year old, knocking him down and causing serious injuries.

”[The boy had] and broken elbow and a concussion.  Definitely a severe injury,” says Gwilliam.

The PC statement also says Stettler then reportedly said, “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it,” to the boy after running him down. Gwilliam says it doens’t matter if Stettler intended to injure the boy, adding, “There doesn’t necessarily have to be an intent to actually cause the injury, but, by recklessly doing something and causing the injury, that’s the intent needed.”