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The Nightside Project Presents: Would You Eat That?

Photo: KSL NewsRadio

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Would You Eat That?

Cucina restaurant owner Dean Pierose joins Nightside Project host Alex Kirry for the newest Nightside game: Would You Eat That? Alex picks out several less than appetizing sounding dishes like century eggs, chitlins, and balut, plus a few others. Some of these dishes may make you question how bad a McDonald’s burger really is. So go ahead, play along with Alex and Dean on Would You Eat That? and let them know on Facebook and Twitter if you’d eat it, or if there’s no chance you’d even touch it.


That Belut Looked Gross

Now that you have seen some of the weirdest foods out there, try something a little safer with Cucina. You can find Cucina in the lower avenues at 1026 East 2nd Avenue. While the dinner deal with Ethan and Alex is over, you can still treat yourself to Cucina. All you have to do is mention KSL and you’ll get any small plate on the menu FREE! Cucina has some of the best small plates around. Their small plates are delicious and original. You won’t want to miss this deal!

Finish your day happy with the Nightside Project

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