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New South Salt Lake homeless shelter months behind schedule, irritating residents

SOUTH SALT LAKE – They hoped for answers, but South Salt Lake property owners — and city leaders — got more confusion about a future homeless center going into their backyard.

A year ago, a state commission announced the city would host a homeless resource center at 3380 S. 1000 West. No progress has been made.

“We can’t go forward, we can’t plan anything, we can’t improve anything, and we can’t do anything,” says property owner Elaine Jones.

“It’s not good for any of us. We can’t move.”

Jones has learned the city will likely miss a permitting deadline, meaning the state will take over development for a future homeless resource center nearby.

But Jones got a letter, which she read to KSL.

“Salt Lake County is interested in talking to you about the possibility of purchasing your property,” she read. “This is the first I’ve heard from the county.”

Her community never wanted the homeless center that would house and treat 300 men.

On Wednesday, the South Salt Lake City Council called a special meeting to sort through the problems. But by the end of the hourlong meeting, Councilman Shane Siwik walked away with fewer answers and “more concern about how screwed up government can be sometimes,” he said, shaking his head.

At one point during the meeting, Councilman Mark Kindred put his face in his hands.

The public was not given the opportunity to speak.