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Utah officials warn about “misleading” letter from Dominion Energy

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SALT LAKE CITY — State officials say if you get a letter from Dominion Energy that looks like a bill, double check it, because it may not be what you think it is.

The Utah Division of Public Utilities says the natural gas company sold customer addresses to a third party, and now people are getting letters with Dominion Energy letterhead advertising an insurance option that actually comes from HomeServe.

Chris Parker, Director of the Utah Divison of Public Utilities, says it’s not only misleading — it may be against the rules.

“One of the reasons we regulate them is because they are monopolies and they have an advantage position and access to customers without competition. So we are always concerned when they use that position for some other purpose than providing utility service,” Parker says.

Parker says his office has been getting complaints. He stresses: the service is not required, and it is not from the gas company.

“I’m told Dominion and HomeServe are going to stop sending these notices out until things are settled and they can figure things out. We plan to meet with them in the next few days.”

He says customers can and should call with any questions.

A statement from his office advised, “While the Division’s investigation is ongoing, any customer wishing to complain or be removed from the mailing list may contact the Division of Public Utilities at or 1-800-874-0904. Customers may also contact Home Serve directly to be removed from the mailing list. That number is 1-833-808-6703.”