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One dead after Bountiful pawn shop robbery

BOUNTIFUL — Police say one suspect is dead and another still on the run after a botched robbery and shooting at a pawn shop near 135 S. 500 W. in Bountiful.

Officers say two suspects walked into the Bountiful Pawn on 500 West just after 10 in the morning, trying to rob the place.  The deceased suspect pointed a gun at the clerk, while the other rushed to the display cases to break them open with a large hammer.

However, the first suspect noticed the shop’s door was still open and he turned to close it. That’s when the clerk ran to storeroom and drew a gun he had concealed.

“The two suspects entered the store attempting a robbery. There was some sort of a scuffle or a confrontation that ended with one of the suspects deceased in the store,” according to Bountiful Lieutenant Dave Edwards.

Even after the shot was fired, the first suspect continued to fight until he died from his wounds.  The store employee had minor injuries from the fight.

Edwards says “The other suspect simply fled out the door when the shots were fired.  We did capture him on camera from a couple of different businesses.”

Police swept through nearby businesses to make sure that he wasn’t hiding inside. Plus, schools in the area had to take extra security measures.

“[We had to] make sure that if the suspect is fleeing from us, he didn’t have the opportunity to run into a school.  There are two schools in the area that were placed on ‘lock out,’” Edwards says.

(Photo Credit: Bountiful Police)

The suspect was described as wearing a gray hoodie, dark pants and dark material covering his face.  Police have also released a description of the possible getaway car.



Edwards says the deceased suspect is a 40-year old man from Colorado, who was wanted in connection with a pair of robberies in Oklahoma, and possibly two more in Texas.