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The 5 Best Food and Board Game Pairings

Photo: Good Move Cafe

This article is sponsored by Good Move Cafe in Provo. Good Move Cafe has 750+ games so you’re sure to find one you haven’t played. Come in for your favorite food and board game pairing, while you play a game with friends, just come take a quick lunch break, or just come in to play a game. Good Move Cafe has great food, great games, and all in a comfortable environment.

Are you all about board games? Do you always win Monopoly at the expense of your friends and family? Does Scrabble make you feel like a verbal virtuoso? A new cafe in Provo, Good Move Cafe, is the place for you. Here are 5 of the best food and board game pairings you can find at Good Move Cafe.

1. Speed and the California Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Photo: Good Move Cafe


The name says it. You’ll get through this fast! Just in time to get back to work on time! This is the perfect lunchtime combination. Especially since it’s Good Move Cafe’s Wednesday lunchtime special. This is the lunch special you have been waiting for. Bring a co-worker and blow off some steam while mixing the delicious California Cajun Chicken Sandwich with Speed, a game for 2-5 players, where the object is to get rid of all your cards. You’ll get back to work just in time!

2. Apples to Apple and the Meeples Mac and Cheese

Photo: Josh Hrach via CC BY 2.0

Take one childhood favorite and pair it with another childhood favorite. You likely played apples to apples as a kid with your family, but now that you are older, try pairing this game with some grown-up mac and cheese. Good Move’s Meeples Mac and Cheese features house-made cheese sauce, jalapeños, crispy onions, bacon

3. Settlers of Catan and the New York Burger

Photo: Good Move Cafe

Catan (formerly Settlers of Catan) is an intense game where you are trying to be the most powerful force on the island of Catan by building roads, settlements, and cities. Pair this game with the juicy New York burger with pastrami, swiss and Good Move’s signature sauce. What better meal to eat while you are dominating your opponents than a delicious 1/3 lb burger with all the fixins.

4. One Night Ultimate Werewolf and The Signature Snack Tray Trio

Photo: Bézier Games

Looking for a quick game and a snack? Try Good Move’s signature snack trays and pick 3 different items. For a short game like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, try the combination of the peanut butter filled pretzels, the s’mores and more mix, and the salty dog mix so you can immerse yourself in what it’s like to be a true werewolf.

5. Risk and the Yahzeeki Gyros AND the Sweet Fry Bread

Photo: Good Move Cafe

You won’t feel like you are taking a risk with this great pairing. Play the classic game while enjoying two tasty gyros with your choice of turkey or ham. Take your time, settle in, this game is gonna take a minute. That will also give you plenty of time to enjoy the amazing Sweet Fry Bread, topped with caramel, whipped cream and ice cream. Just don’t get too competitive about who takes that last bite!

You Don’t Have to Pair the Food and Games

Want a quick lunch but don’t have time for a game? No problem their menu is enough to tempt you with some tasty offerings. Want to come play a game, but you aren’t hungry? Awesome! It’s only a $5 cover charge per person. Play any games you want, as long as you want. And if you spend $15 or more per person on food and drink and they’ll waive the gaming fee. Plus, for a limited time buy one meal and get one 50% off, a great lunchtime deal for you and your co-worker.

Want more information? Visit Good Move Cafe’s website to start playing some awesome games today!