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4 Reasons You Should Attend the 2018 Utah Podcast Summit

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This article is sponsored by the 2018 Utah Podcast Summit. The Utah Podcast Summit is the first full-day conference for Utah’s podcasters, digital influencers, and multimedia professionals. Learn how to grow your brand, engage a new audience, make more money, and build a community. 

The Utah Podcast Summit is the first of it’s kind in Utah. With speakers from all over the state, any question you’ve ever had about starting, managing, and creating success for your podcast is only a ticket to the Utah Podcast Summit away. Here are the 4 reasons you should attend the Utah Podcast Summit.

1. The Nightside Project

You know these guys! But do you know how Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry booted up an all-digital platform after they left the radio airwaves? Ethan and Alex have been blazing a trail for the last several years in the digital domain pioneering how a media organization like KSL NewsRadio handles digital content, and most importantly how they handle podcasts. Do you love the Nightside Project? You’ll have the chance to meet the duo at the Utah Podcast Summit! Alex and Ethan will be speaking in the morning, and hanging out for the rest of the day. Come meet the Nightside guys at the Utah Podcast Summit!

2. Dirt In Your Skirt

Dirt in Your Skirt started as a personal website for Margaret Schlachter, and now looks to create a supportive community for women (and men) through the podcast and website. Margaret wants and Dirt In Your Skirt looks to foster and encourage everyone to step out of our norm and become empowered to be happy, healthy, and active. Margaret will be speaking at the Utah Podcast Summit on how you can make money from your podcasts through advertisements, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and membership platforms.

3. I Am Salt Lake

In the summer of 2012 Chris Holifield, the producer and host of I Am Salt Lake started interviewing people from the Salt Lake City area after several years of being involved in the local Utah community. The podcast speaks directly to Utah locals and has to the top of one of the most listened to podcasts along the Wasatch Front. Chris and his wife Krissi host I Am Salt Lake together and release a new episode each Monday morning. Chris will be delivering a talk about how to take your podcast to the next level as well as the closing keynote.

4. Year of Polygamy

The Year of Polygamy podcast started out as a weekly series for the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast. The one subject within the podcast became so popular that a new website had to be developed to focus only on polygamy. Based on host Lindsay Hansen-Park’s historical research, Year of Polygamy delves deep into the “The Principle of Plural Marriage” that began in 1831 through Joseph Smith, through modern incarnations of it practiced by Fundamentalist Mormons. Lindsay Hansen-Park will be part of the lunchtime podcast panel entitled Rising Above the Noise.

The Utah Podcast Summit

Don’t miss the Utah Podcast Summit, the first full-day conference for Utah’s podcasters, digital influencers, and multimedia professionals. The Summit is June 2nd at the Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus in Sandy, Utah.