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Teenage girl killed in Taylorsville crash


TAYLORSVILLE — A teenage girl died in a crash early Tuesday morning in Taylorsville that police say could be caused by reckless driving.

Unified Police say they received calls about a Chevy Blazer in the area of 4500 South in Millcreek. As officers approached the SUV, it fled west on 4500 South, police said. They say they did not chase it.

Around 1 a.m., officers responded to a crash involving the SUV and a car on 4500 South between Atherton Drive and 1175 West.

“Driving down the road, minding their own business, you have some people – who knows that their intent was or their thinking was, but according to them, he intentionally changed paths to hit them,” said Lt Manfred Lassig.

A teenage girl inside the Blazer was killed. Police have not yet released her name. Three other individuals inside the SUV were taken to a hospital in poor condition. One other passenger was not injured.

The 18-year-old driver of the SUV, identified as Casey Ziemelis-Cook, ran from the scene, but officers caught him at a nearby golf course. He was taken to a local hospital then booked into jail.

Two individuals inside the other car had non-life threatening injuries.

-KSL TV contributing