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Two boys in custody in connection with South Jordan gun theft

SOUTH JORDAN — South Jordan police had two teen boys in custody Wednesday in connection with the theft of two guns and ammunition from a sporting goods store.

Lt. Matt Pennington has not released their names but said the boys were not in school today. Police are in contact with the parents of the second boy.

Pennington said the surveillance video shows the boys just walked right on back to the gun storage area at Sportsman’s Warehouse, 10462 S. River Heights Dr., Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

“Somehow, they were able to get two handguns from there,” Pennington said. “On their way out, they also took ammunition for those guns.”

The teens were identified as a 7th and 10th grader from AISU (American International School of Utah), a charter school in Murray. An administrator with the school confirmed school officials are assisting both South Jordan and Murray police.

Pennington said Sportsman’s Warehouse noticed the weapons and ammo missing on Tuesday.

“It’s kind of concerning, in and of itself, that they could just go in and do that in broad daylight with nobody noticing,” he said. “At least at this point, we’re aware of it.”


Pennington said as soon as they were aware of the situation, police considered the boys armed and dangerous, especially in light of school violence nationwide.

In a statement, Sportsman’s Warehouse would only say it is “fully cooperating with the authorities investigating this situation.”

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