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Police recover evidence at landfill in investigation of West High student’s death

A team of officers have uncovered evidence at a Wyoming landfill related to the death of a 15-year-old Baleigh Bagshaw, who was attacked and killed in her home May 7, Salt Lake City police said. Credit: Salt Lake City police.

EVANSTON, Wyo. — A new development in the investigation into a 15 year old girl who was killed in her home in Salt Lake City on May 7th. Salt Lake City Police Sergeant Brandon Shearer says they got a tip that evidence was in a Wyoming Landfill.

“Detectives and officers went through the landfill up in Evanston, Wyoming,” Shearer said. “And were able to recover evidence from the case.”

Shearer says several officers used rakes to comb through garbage for several hours. They found several things which they gathered as evidence. He did not say what the officers found or what led them to the Uinta County landfill near the Wyoming city.

He says at this point they believe the evidence is tied to the murder of 15-year-old Baleigh Bagshaw, but couldn’t say if the evidence is tied to the suspect in her case, Shaun French, who previously lived in Evanston. Police arrested him two days after Bagshaw’s death in southeast Colorado.

“We’re going to continue to follow leads,” Shearer said.