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Man ‘miraculously’ escapes serious injury after being pinned by excavator

WANSHIP, Summit County — The same wet ground that likely moved an excavator on top of a man’s legs also likely saved his legs.

A 47-year-old Tooele man was not seriously injured after he was pinned by a 10,000-pound excavator. He was moving cement retaining wall blocks in Wanship.

“He was ejected out of the mini-excavator, and it landed on top of him, pinning his legs between the excavator and the ground,” Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said.

The man waited 90 minutes until a tow truck could move the machine.

“Once they lifted that excavator off of his legs, he was able to lift his legs and move his legs,” Wright said. “It was a really promising sign, and miraculous.”

Investigators said they believe the wet ground that moved the excavator also allowed the man’s legs to sink into it, saving them.