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In a new video, Utahn held in Venezuela jail confirms he is safe

VENEZUELA — Yesterday a Riverton man, who has been held in a Venezuela jail for nearly two years, posted a video begging for help as he said people were attacking the jail and wanted to kill him.

At the time Senator Orrin Hatch said he was working with the Country to release Josh Holt, and Representative Mia Love called for the U.S. Federal Government to step in.

Today, fears were slightly assuaged when Holt posted another video announcing that he is once again safe but begging for release.

“I just wanted to ask and plead once again to my government, to my people, to my Senators, to everyone in the United states to please not leave me here,” he said.

Representative Mia Love told KSL on the Doug Wright show, Thursday, that it’s a complicated process but it’s time they find a pathway to release Holt.

“I think it’s time for the State Department to quickly produce a plan of action,” Love said. “Let us at least start talking about what are the options out there. And just be completely frank about what can or cannot be done.”

Hatch’s office also released a statement today.

“Over the last two years of Josh’s tragic captivity Senator Hatch has developed a strong network of contacts in Venezuela and around South America,” wrote Matt Whitlock, spokesperson for Hatch’s office. “Rest assured that is making every possible phone call, pulling every possible lever, and leaving no stone unturned to ensure Josh is safe.”