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Police seek suspects in Walmart armed robbery

MIDVALE — Police are looking for two men who pulled off an armed robbery at a Walmart store.

It happened at 11 pm Thursday at 7250 Union Park Ave.  Unified Police Detective Kent Hansen said two men, wearing masks, hoodies and dark clothes walked into the store where they encountered a cashier.

“One of the men pointed a gun,” said Hansen.  After they got cash, police say they fled on foot.

Police were looking through surveillance video recordings to determine if they could identify the men or a possible getaway car.  Hansen said they also found a piece of clothing that may have belonged to one of the fleeing men.

Because of what the suspects were wearing, Hansen said clerks didn’t have much of a description except to say both of them were “slender.”

No one was hurt.  Police are not saying how much money they could have taken.