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UPS hiring Utah
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UPS looks to hire 1700 in SLC

UPS is hiring thousands of Utahns for the holiday season rush. And those jobs could turn into full time positions. (Photo: File photo)

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City is about to become a major distribution center for UPS and hundreds of jobs will need to be filled.

Just west of Salt Lake International Airport, a new building is about to open for business. It measures 840,000 square feet, which equals the size of more than 17 football fields. According to a news release, the new facility will be highly automated and able to process 69,000 packages per hour.

UPS is looking for 1,700 permanent workers to join the 4,000 already employed in Utah. Both full-time and part-time supervisors are needed along with package handlers. Wages start at $15 per hour with retirement and full-time benefits after 12-months of employment.

The shipping company will also hire more than a thousand seasonal workers this fall to handle the holiday rush.  Those interested should apply online at, or by calling 801-973-3766.