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Kanarraville Falls adds $8 fee

Kanarraville — This town in Southern Utah added a new fee this month to try and get a handle on all the crowds.

It now costs $8 a person to hike the Kanarraville Falls.  The town has become overrun with somewhere around 40,000 visitors a year, because people want to see the Falls for themselves.

But it’s hurting the small town’s water supply, and leading to a lot of rescues. It is not an easy or safe hike for many people.

The trail goes through a red-rock slot canyon to a couple of waterfalls, which can be scaled with the iconic ladders placed there. Last weekend a woman broke her leg on one of the ladders.

Officials hope the fee will reduce the number of hikers, but they have not set a target; they are waiting to see what the fee does.

Previously, visitors needed to pay $10 per vehicle to park at the trailhead to visit the falls.