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3 Easy Ways You Can Get Your Car Ready for Your Summer Trip

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You’re getting ready for what you hope is going to be a fun road trip vacation for your family this summer. You’ve thought of everything. You’ve planned where you are going to go. What you want to see. And even people you want to visit! But have you thought about the safety of your car and the people you love inside? Is it ready to take such a big trip? Former SLC PD Chief Chris Burbank talks about how you can get your car ready for your summer trip.

1. Check Your Tires

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This one is essential. Having your tires checked before a road trip could save time, money and possibly lives. Bald tires can lead to flats or blowouts and are especially dangerous on slippery roads in case that summer shower hits unexpectedly. While you may not always need brand new tires, sometimes a quick rotation or air fill up is enough to get you safely to and from your destination.

2. Pack Some Essentials

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You don’t want to live your life always expecting and being afraid of the worst to happen, but being prepared for misfortune will give you peace of mind and make your summer fun even more…well fun! The simplest, yet smartest thing you can do is pack an emergency bag. Things you may find yourself grateful you have in the trunk include:

  • First Aid Kit (better safe than sorry)
  • Blankets or sweatshirts
  • Snacks (think non-perishable)
  • Water

A little water can go a long way. Of course for hydration, but also in a dire situation can even be used as a coolant for your car.

When you are getting your car ready for a summer trip, these things will be a great start. But remember, you can never be too prepared. Think of the things your family may need in a time of need and add those to your list.

3. Learn What You Can Do If A Problem Happens

Do you know what to do if a car accident occurs and no one is injured? What if someone is injured? Who should you call? Hint it’s not Ghostbusters. And it is not always 911. If you are positive no one is injured you should call the local police department first.

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What would you do if your car overheated? This is one of the more common problems in the desert climate in Utah, especially in the hot summers. Are you ready if your car overheats? Do you have extra antifreeze with you? Let your car cool down as much as possible, even if it’s hot outside. Then add antifreeze or water in a pinch. Just don’t add water if the engine is still hot. It could actually crack the engine block.

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If you get a flat tire you should pull over as soon as possible. But do not get out of the vehicle until you check all around and ensure there is no oncoming traffic and you have enough room to do what you need to do. If any type of incident occurs while you are traveling on the freeway it is safest to get off at the nearest off-ramp when it is safely possible.

Get Through Your Summer Trip Safely

with these simple tips, you’ll be cruising your way to an amazing memorable family vacation, instead of a total nightmare vacation. Make your car safe so you don’t have to worry about it. Leave more time to enjoy the road!