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Remains of Elizabeth Salgado found

PROVO — A sad ending to the long-lasting search for a woman who disappeared out of Provo more than three years ago. Investigators in Utah County say the remains of a woman who was found last week are that of Elizabeth Elena-Laguna Salgado.

Investigators say the body was found by a man who was driving through Hobble Creek Canyon on Friday.  He reportedly got out to find a private area when he saw the body.  The motorist called the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and the medical examiner has confirmed the identification through dental records.

Investigators say it appears Salgado was driven to the area.  Police are planning to release more details about the case at a press conference, scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday morning.

This ends the search that has lasted for just over three years.  Salgado was last seen leaving the Noman Global Language School in 2015.  Her family says she’d only been in the city for about a month before her disappearance.

(Photo Credit: Deseret News)

Hundreds of people came out to search for her after she vanished, but, there were still no signs until last week.  During a press conference in April, her uncle, Rosemberg Salgado said he’s always thought of Provo as a safe place to be.

Salgado said, “For my niece to come and disappear… I’m surprised this happened to her. It’s been very devastating.  My father died because of the stress that we couldn’t find her.”

He said that all of their family has suffered greatly ever since she disappeared.

“My sister’s health is deteriorating more and more.  She can’t even sleep anymore.  She’s been struggling, just living,” he said.