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Warning from Elizabeth Salgado’s family: ‘We will find you, whoever you are’

PROVO — The family of a Provo woman whose body was found in Hobble Creek is begging anyone with information about her death to come forward. In a tearful plea Thursday, the family also had a warning for the people who may be connected to the crime.

“Terrible,” said Rosemberg Salgado, the uncle of Elizabeth Salgado, who had been missing for three years until her body was found. She was 26.

“It’s just the worst thing that can happen to a family,” he adds.

Rosemberg Salgado is currently consoling family in California and says he isn’t sure when he’ll be back in Utah. He says the stress of Elizabeth’s disappearance has been incredibly difficult for the family, leading to the death of Elizabeth’s father and the deteriorating health of her mother.

He also says the family is still in disbelief that something bad happened to her while living in Provo, which they had thought was a safe place for her. Rosemberg Salgado says his niece had big dreams for a new life in Utah.

“She only wanted to open doors for herself.  She wanted to learn English and become a better person,” he said though tears.

However, he says he is confident that justice will come for Elizabeth, with local and federal investigators trying to track down who is responsible.

“We have the FBI and we have great investigators.  Whoever did this, we are going to find them. We will not stop,” Salgado said.

He also has this message for anyone who may be involved: “We will find you, whoever you are.  We will find you, I promise you that.”