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Donovan Mitchell promises “The Sky’s the Limit”

SALT LAKE CITY — Donovan Mitchell says Utah will get a championship, as soon as next year.

He wrote his first piece for The Player’s Tribune this week, saying the Jazz will be back.

Mitchell wrote about how tough it was after losing to Houston in Game 5 and getting off the plane feeling they had let Salt Lake City down.

But then he saw all the fans who showed up in the middle of the night to cheer for them.

Mitchell said he knew it was the start of something special, and he is using it all as fuel during the off-season to get better.

And he ends the piece, “Hopefully the next time we hang out at the airport, we’ll bring a trophy.”

Meanwhile, recent tweets by other Jazz players have fans feeling even better about the team.

Rudy Gobert tweeted “Our turn is coming” after the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets to advance to the NBA Finals.

And Joe Ingles has been firm in his love for the state, correcting fans on Twitter who try to get him to talk about another market.