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Woman suffers ‘deep gash’ after drone hits her on SLC street

SALT LAKE CITY – A wayward drone struck a woman in her face as she walked in downtown Salt Lake.

Erin Rubens was trying to catch a train near the Salt Palace on Friday afternoon.

“I felt my face, and looked down, and saw that it was a drone,” Rubens said. “I was bleeding all over.”

She rushed into a nearby store to clean up her bloody nose wound, which a doctor later glued shut.

“She said it was really lucky [the drone] landed where it did,” Rubens said. “It was close enough to my eye that, if it would have hit my eye, I would have lost it.”

When Rubens came out of the store, the drone was gone.

“Who was flying a drone, and doesn’t know how to fly, or doesn’t have it fully charged?” Rubens asked.

“I need my eyes, so I don’t want you flying over my head. Period.”

Rubens filed a report with police, but they cannot track the culprit without the drone, evidence or surveillance video.

They can only hope the operator comes forward.