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Teetering on the edge in Riverdale

RIVERDALE — A Utah home is just 6 feet away from a landslide in Riverdale, and geologists warn it could fall any moment.

“It’s appearing to be inevitable at this point,” said Ben Erickson with the Utah Geological Survey.

Recent rains have made it worse.

Four homes along 600 West have been evacuated, three under mandatory evacuation and one voluntarily. The groundwater flowing at the bottom of the bluff is what is keeping the hillside unstable.

And residents are growing worried and concerned.

“The city hasn’t come and said what is underneath here. Is it the sewer, is it the water, is it the electrical what’s going to affect if it gets to the street we don’t know, we don’t have any idea,” said Dave Morgan.

Officials say they are just in a wait-and-see pattern right now. Geologists say it is hard to predict exactly when the first home and the street below will be lost to the landslide.