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Sheriff, parents exchange words about raucous party on social media

PRICE – Parents and students are furious about how Carbon County Sheriff’s deputies broke up a graduation party in Price.

The sheriff says those parents and their children have no idea just how dangerous that party was.

On Facebook, parents and students said kids were being kids.

Then, Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood released photos of the alcohol and illegal drugs his deputies seized from a house party that was supposed to have 20 guests.

Eighty people showed up. The homeowner says they trashed his place.

“I expect a more sensible and responsible approach to our youth blowing off steam for graduation and think this is a good discussion to have with your teenage children,” Wood wrote on his office’s Facebook page.

Next, parents complained deputies picked and chose whom they would criminally cite.

Wood clarified that everyone was tested for drugs, and minors are “referred” to juvenile court if they’re in trouble, which many were.

Wood also wrote on Facebook, “All too often this type of event comes with medical calls, sexual assaults, fights, or accidents that can be avoided.”

The response concludes: “We would much rather see our youth have a good time, go home safe, and not feel the need to mix drugs and alcohol into the party.”