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County aquatics urges safety, lessons after drownings

SALT LAKE CITY – In light of three drownings of Salt Lake Valley children in recent days, Salt Lake County officials are urging water safety.

First, parents cannot assume other parents are watching their children.

“The most important thing you can do with your kids is to pay attention any time you’re around water,” said Salt Lake County Aquatics Manager Josh Reusser.

Speaking with KSL at the Fairmont Aquatics Center, Reusser said, after rescuing drowning victims, start CPR and call 911.

Reusser wants everyone to learn back floats if they’re suddenly distressed, and get to the edge of the pool.

He also wants parents to set rules for their children around pools.

“Counting 1-2-3 before getting in, and to always ask permission from a parent, even during swimming lessons,” Reusser said.

And Reusser will teach swimming lessons this month at Liberty Park’s pool for children and parents together. They’re $16 a week per person

“We’re going to have instructors that go around and help the parents learn how to teach their kids, so the parents can reinforce what’s going on during the lesson,” he said.