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Utah’s U.S. Representatives cautiously optimistic after Trump-Kim talks

SALT LAKE CITY – Two of Utah’s U.S. Representatives are cautiously optimistic for an eventual lasting peace with a denuclearized North Korea, after talks between President Trump and North Korean Premier Kim Jong Un wrapped in Singapore.

As for President Trump saying that he trusts Premier Kim, Rep. John Curtis (R-Utah) says that’s “relative.”

“This is a country and a leader that have not really earned our trust yet,” Curtis said. “In terms of President Trump’s statement, I can only assume that’s trusting in [Kim’s] intent.”

Curtis likes the U.S. ending war games with South Korea and bringing home 32,000 U-S troops from the peninsula.

But Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) says the U.S. has long been South Korea’s protector, which is vastly different than North Korea.

“Be cautious and realistic that there is still a long way that has to go before anything that is lasting and permanent will take place,” Bishop said.

“And there’s all sorts of possibilities of things blowing up.”


Bishop also mentioned Hill Air Force Base’s ties to South Korea, and that the Koreas have many lifestyle differences to overcome for a lasting peace.

Both lawmakers think the talks went better than expected. They also say Congress should encourage ongoing talks and support the end-goal of denuclearization, and then wait for something to ratify.