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Walmart birth
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Police looking for man who “brandished gun” at Clinton Walmart

Customers cheered at a Walmart in Missouri after a woman gave birth to a baby girl in the store's toilet paper aisle.

CLINTON — Authorities responded to a 911 call at the Clinton Walmart on reports of a suspicious man with a handgun in the parking lot.

Police evacuated the building when they got to the scene but the man had already met up with a woman, made a few purchases, and left in a vehicle, according to Clinton Police Sgt. Richard Murdock.

The suspect was seen on Walmart cameras wearing camouflage pants and a gray t-shirt. Police say he is in his 20s and left in a white SUV.

According to police, the evacuation lasted so long because they wanted to “make sure it was safe for everyone.” They also want to establish if threats were made or if this is a “misunderstanding by members of the community.”

The Walmart is now open but the investigation is on-going.

Investigators are still looking for the man to bring him in for questioning. We will update this article when we have more information.