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Grieving family needs help finding dad’s dog


FARMINGTON — Just a year after her mother died of cancer, Kassandra Olson witnessed the death of her father in ATV accident on Tuesday night.

Olson says her father’s Razor got stuck in a patch of snow.  As Kevon Olson tried to get out, the vehicle rolled down a hill and ejected him. He died at the scene. His dog, Rosco, was also in the ATV but survived.

Olson says Rosco kept running between her and her father, but then disappeared. The dog is a 7-year-old brown and tan mixed breed animal of medium size.  He has had surgery recently and has stitches on his right side, a blue collar and is microchipped.

Anyone who has seen Rosco, or is taking care of him, is asked to bring him home.

UPDATE — The family is meeting at the Farmington Fire Dept. at 82 North 100 East at 4:00pm Sunday, July 1, 2018 to form a search party to help find Rosco.